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It’s a Group Effort

Saving shelter animals is a group effort. Our success is due to the collaboration of shelters, rescue groups, donors, fosters, adopters and motivated volunteers.

The community support we’ve received through Day of the Dogs and our Facebook page has resulted in an average of more than 250 animals saved from the Harris County Animal Shelter every single month since July 2016 – or more than 10,518 dogs and cats to date (July 2019).

videos shot since July 2016
total lives saved since 2016
save rate for profiled animals

All Animals Deserve a Chance

As we’ve done since the beginning, we’re unbiased about the animals we profile, believing all animals deserve a chance to be seen and helped. It’s our goal to give as many animals as possible the best chance of rescue and aid, regardless of age or health. Time and again, we’ve witnessed the community come together to find solutions for those animals who are in the greatest need.

While we’re able to profile only a fraction of the animals that arrive into HCAS every week, we’re proud to have developed a proven method for saving lives – and grateful for the community of animal advocates who make it possible.

Tracking Outcomes

There are many elements that contribute to the successful outcomes we’ve helped create at HCAS, including the shelter’s own website, mobile adoption events and efforts by other organizations and networking sites that bring critical exposure to at-risk animals.

The statistics posted here reflect the outcomes of those animals we’ve filmed and posted to our Facebook page since July 2016.


Total Videos

Total Lives









361 videos
301 lives saved
83% save rate


401 videos
363 lives saved
90.52% save rate


401 videos
367 lives saved
91.52% save rate


309 videos
292 lives saved
94.50% save rate


235 videos
218 lives saved
92.77% save rate


335 videos
313 lives saved
93.43% save rate

Total Videos Shot:

Total lives saved:

Lives Saved Chart


total lives saved since 2016


This group only deserves 5-star reviews! They are all volunteers who visit a KILL shelter almost daily, updating the public about dogs/cats coming in and at risk of losing their life. No one is paying these people… yet they make time to help these helpless souls. And when their calls for help go unanswered, they have to cope with seeing countless animals put down on a weekly basis, yet they keep going and trying to help all they can. THANK YOU to everyone involved in this NON-profit group. You are all heroes.

-Melody Wayman

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Facebook Review

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They care about these animals and try really hard to network and take videos and find homes and rescues to pull. They do the best they can to move animals out – and they get extra time in most cases! (My six-year-old Maltese mix is from the Harris County Animal Shelter.)

-Brenda Barksdale Harcrow

Facebook Review

I saw Rally posted on this page this past week and fell in love. We are so happy to have him join our family. He is now running and playing on two acres with his two new sisters. Thank you to those who run this site. We live near Needville and this shelter is in NE Houston. Had it not been for this posting, we would not have known about Rally. We love all that you do to help these animals.

-Charyl Clepper Russell

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Facebook Review

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We drove a great distance to adopt a dog from the Harris County Animal Shelter. Everyone there was very friendly and did everything they could to make sure we got this dog. I would recommend adopting there to anyone, and I will be back one day to adopt again. I could not ask for a more loving dog; so glad we made the choice to go there. Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job trying to save all these beautiful dogs and cats.

-Holly Smith

Facebook Review

Whoever made this video, thank you! It drove me to do everything I could to save her. Thank you for creating a video about her. Her name is Jaycee. 🙂♥️

-Jodie Ann


Facebook Review

Rescue Notes from the Field: How Two Dogs Became Four

This success story from several years back is a testament to how important this program is to saving lives. Two senior dogs were surrendered by their owner to the Harris County Animal Shelter. Shortly after their arrival, we profiled them on our Harris County Animal Pets in Need Facebook page and began raising funds to cover costs of care and encourage a rescue organization to pull both animals

Across the country in New York, our posts caught the attention of a rescuer who wanted to help. With cost-of-care contributions from generous donors adding up – totaling more than $400 for each dog – the New York-based rescuer stepped in to save them, in addition to two more senior dogs who were on the shelter’s euthanasia list. 

Due to the generosity of donors and a system designed to encourage rescues to help, the lives of four dogs were saved by an individual more than 1,600 miles away. We call that a win-win.