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How It Works

Raising Awareness through Social Media

Through our Facebook group, Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need, we profile 300-400 individual shelter animals every month – or more than 75 animals per week – of the 2,000 that arrive each month into the Harris County Animal Shelter.

With the cooperation of HCAS, our team members make several weekly visits to the shelter. Through photos and video, we document as many animals as possible, filming kennel by kennel to capture images of the most recent arrivals.

From young to old and healthy to ill, we film without bias to give all animals in need the best chance of rescue and aid. When we know an animal may be euthanized the next day, we call special attention to the animal’s urgent status.

Saving the Day through Donations

Our work requires ongoing fundraising, as each day brings new animals to the shelter. Through PayPal and the Facebook donation tool, we collect funds from donors for individual animals and transfer them directly to area rescue groups after they take action.

Here's how it works:

  • We visit HCAS multiple times each week to film the latest arrivals to the shelter and post their video and information to our Facebook page.
  • For each animal profiled, we include their shelter-assigned animal ID number and “end of hold time” date.
  • We post status updates for each animal several times a day and begin collecting donations to cover the costs of care – and to encourage an area rescue group to pull.
  • A rescue group steps in to help!
  • Collected donations are transferred directly to the assisting group after an animal is out of the shelter.
  • We share the good news on Facebook!
Images of the donation process with animals and money

What do donations cover? What happens if a dog or cat isn’t adopted or rescued? You’ll find all the details on our FAQ pages
for donors and rescue groups.

Help the animals of HCAS.