Donation F.A.Q.s

Information regarding donations collected by Day of the Dogs on our Facebook Networking Page, Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need.

Day of the Dogs, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Message to Rescue Groups

Please email when an animal you pulled has left the building. Please include the animal ID number and the email address you use for your rescue's PayPal account (this is the email you login with not the link you provide to the public to donate). We will notate our tracking document and transfer the donations directly to you. We transfer donations once a week. If the animal has an urgent critical medical need, we will transfer those donations within 24 hours. We transfer donations to the rescue group, not to individual fosters.

How It Works

What exactly are the donations for?

The donations help tremendously with the costs rescue groups incur once they pull animals from the shelter. They pay for veterinary care (spay/neuter, heartworms, skin infections, broken bones, etc), food and boarding. All rescues are run by people like you and me - animal advocates that work hard to save lives, treat and find new homes. Donations are the main funding source for all rescues. Many can't do what they do without them. There are many rescues struggling because they don't have the funds to continue. And many have a hold on the intake of new animals because of the costs of the animals in their care. This is where we all can help. Donations help encourage rescues to pull if they know they will have the means to care for the animal until they place with a new family. Think of it as crowd-funding to save a life.

How do you collect donations?

We are currently using two methods to collect donations: PayPal and Facebook.

  • PayPal: Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure.
    Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries, PayPal will walk you through the process. Send money to "friends/family" to avoid additional fees being taken out. You can use email:
    Note: you MUST note Animal ID in the notes section or your donation will go into Urgent Animal Fund.
  • Facebook:  There is a link below each video with an option to donate. Facebook operates as the payment processor of those donations. We add both totals together and post above each video. When you see $XX in verified donations including Facebook, we have added the PayPal donations and the Facebook donations together for one grand total of funds raised for the animal.

Day of the Dogs administrators will update the thread with the donation totals. All donations stay with the animal. So if an animal you donated to is rescued it will go to the rescue that pulled. Note: We are revamping our donation process and will have other avenues to donate shortly.

How do we ensure the rescue gets the funds?

  • We maintain a document that tracks every animal that receives funds on our page. The donations stay assigned to each animal.
  • Once a rescue pulls the animal from the shelter and posts a freedom ride picture in the thread Day of the Dogs admins will a will transfer your donations to the rescue group for that animal minus the transaction fee of the merchant service provider (PayPal charges 2.9% + .30 on each transaction).
  • You may follow the dog's progress on the rescue's website or Facebook page.
  • If the rescue doesn't post a freedom ride picture on our page we reach out to the shelter to let them know we have donations for a particular animal. They reach out to the rescue to contact us.  Once we hear from a rescue we transfer donations at that time.
  • We can assure you that your donations will go to the rescue that pulls the animal once the rescue is identified. This is important to highlight because there are other groups that collect donations and then decide whether or not they will transfer other people's money to the rescue based on their opinion of the rescue. We firmly believe that is unethical and wrong on every level. You can trust that Day of the Dogs will be good stewards of your donation. If a rescue is approved to pull an animal from the shelter and the animal leaves the shelter with them the donations raised for that animal will be sent to the rescue. Period. There has never been a time we didn't transfer donations to a rescue based on our opinion of the rescue. The shelter and the shelter only has the right to approve or deny what groups pull animals from them.

Is there a minimum amount I have to donate?

Not at all. Every dollar counts to the collective total. Donate what you can afford even if it is only a few dollars. Every rescue is incredibly grateful for any support you can give them. If you are new to donating. Common donation amounts per person are $10, $15, $20, $50, $75 and then we have many people that have offered $100 - $1000. It really is up to you.

What dogs are listed in the donation page?

We list the Animal ID of dogs we have filmed and posted their video to our networking Facebook Page: Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need. We usually showcase about 3 - 400 animals per month. A far cry from the sky-high monthly intake numbers the shelter receives; approx 1,000 dogs and 1,000 cats per month!

We also support these sites that network dogs at Harris County, same pages the shelter supports:
Friends of County Pets
Houston, Save Lives is our Mission
BH Studios

What happens if the dog is adopted, not rescued?

If the dog has any other outcome other than “Rescued” such as: Adopted, Returned to Owner, Fostered Through the Shelter (not going on transport), Euthanized, or Passed Away, the funds donated will roll into Day of the Dogs "Urgent Animal Fund." 100% of donations go to other dogs at risk at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, TX. We focus on the urgent dogs on the EU list on any given day. If you would like a refund you may contact us at info.dayofthedogs@gmail.comand let us know the animal ID and the method you made your donation and we will send your refund.

How are the donations in the "Urgent Animal Fund" used?

Day of the Dogs, the nonprofit that runs this page, is a 501(c)(3). All donations are tracked and are assured to go to animals at risk at Harris County Animal Shelter. The primary focus will be on helping the animals on the euthanasia list each day that are in need.Every single dollar will be used towards solutions to increase the save rate of animals at the Harris County Animal Shelter:  

  • Reducing the length of stay for animals with positive outcomes
  • Increasing adoptions
  • Preventing new intakes

By donating here you are giving these animals the voice they desperately need. Crowdfunding for the goal of saving as many lives as possible. We can't do this alone. Saving animals requires teamwork.

Am I able to donate directly into the Urgent Animal Fund?

Yes. Please write "Urgent Animal Fund" in the note section of PayPal. We will allocate your donation to be used for the animals currently at risk at the shelter. Day of the Dogs is a 501(c)(3).  All donations are tracked and are assured to go to animals at Harris County.

Am I able to send a check?

Yes. Day of the Dogs address is 11702-B Grant Road #432 Cypress, TX 77429. Please write the animal ID or "Urgent Animal Fund" in the subject of the check so we know where to allocate your donation.

Am I able to make a reoccurring donation?

Yes. PayPal allows you to make a recurring donation.

Am I able to receive a tax write off for my donation?

Yes. Day of the Dogs is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Email if you would like a receipt.

Is there a way for me to see the donation totals for each animal?

Unfortunately not at this time, but we are in the process of building a tool that will do just that. Currently, only the administrators have access to this information. Therefore we encourage all to post their donation in the thread of the video. Historically, there are many people that have been helpful in tallying up pledges, they too can tally the donations. We also realize there are many people that don't want to publicly post their donations and would prefer to be anonymous. That is why we are committed to providing the donation totals a minimum of once a day. If you are curious about the donation totals and they haven't been posted recently please email: and provide the animal ID number and we can run the report quickly to give you an answer.

What is the service fee?

PayPal charges 2.9% + .30 on each transaction.

Is my information shared with anyone?

No. We do not share your information nor sell your information to any other party. We do not have access to your payment information at all which is the reason we use a merchant service provider to ensure your information is safe.

Who is "Day of the Dogs" and how we chose this method of donation collection?

  • The founders of Day of the Dogs and volunteers of the organization have been weekly shelter volunteers for over 4 years.
  • The shelter staff supports our organization and the work we do to help save animals in their care.
  • We started the Facebook networking page Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need on May 30, 2015, as a way to help the animals in need get more exposure. For the first year, we focused on kennel tour videos only showing all animals in the shelter. In May 2016 we switched to the model of showcasing one animal at a time that you all see now.
  • With the individual animal model, we quickly noticed a pattern of people pledging $$ to help a rescue cover their costs and then not honoring their pledges when a rescue group pulled the animal. This caused a lot of frustration to rescue groups. We searched for a solution.
  • We formed our non-profit Day of the Dogs in May 2016 and became a 501(c)(3) in September 2016. We launched the donation portal on November 17, 2016. The donation page is a tool to aid rescues in receiving donations for the animals they save from the Harris County Animal Shelter. Rescue groups are primarily funded by donations. We together can help them do what they do best: save, care for and re-home the homeless animals in need!
  • Our organization has never been involved in legal issues with the county and the shelter, unlike other people that run other networking pages for the shelter.

Why is using a donation site a better solution than pledging on Facebook?

  • As mentioned above, most rescue groups have very limited resources and need support to continue operating. Some of the animals these rescue groups pull from the shelter require immediate medical treatment and medication. Private citizen donations are what makes a difference in cases like this.
  • Facebook pledges are greatly appreciated and are an example of dedicated people making an effort to help. Unfortunately, not all Facebook pledges are always honored. The most common reason for this is simple human forgetfulness. One may forget what animal they pledged on, or turned off notifications for the thread or didn't check Facebook for a while and the animal is no longer listed, etc.
  • By switching to this donation model we can eliminate these issues. Once a donation is made, it is guaranteed to go to an animal in need at the Harris County Animal Shelter. This is important to the person making the donation, the animal one is donating to and the rescue group that pulls it into their program. Individuals that donate are making a tangible difference for both.
  • We are able to offer this tool because we are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To have this tool we had to present our legal paperwork and have a fully functional website prior to launching the donation page.