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We’re on a mission to increase the live release rate of shelter animals through networking, transport, rescue and adoption support. Join us.

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We Help Shelter Pets in Need

At Day of the Dogs, we believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. As a Texas-based non-profit organization, we currently focus our efforts on saving animals at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, TX. With an open admissions policy and a service area the size of Rhode Island, the Houston area shelter is one of the country’s busiest. HCAS takes in an average of 60 cats and dogs every single day – in a facility built to house 150 animals.

Due to overwhelming volume, stray animals at HCAS have a mandatory hold time of three days to be reclaimed or rescued before being at risk of euthanasia, yet most are adoptable. By pre-funding the costs of care for cats and dogs at HCAS, we provide the resources for rescue groups to save animals in urgent need.

In addition to financial support for HCAS animals, we assist with adoption events and coordinate out-of-state transport services to help animals find their forever home.

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Our Service

Every week, we share pictures and videos of animals in urgent need through our Facebook page, Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need, our Instagram account, our Twitter account, and here on our website. Each month, we profile an average of 350 animals faced with euthanasia. Donations collected through our website go directly to helping area rescue groups take action. Our approach has led to an over 90 percent save rate for profiled animals – and a proven method for saving lives.

Rescue groups play a vital role in saving shelter animals.
But before they can step in to help, they have to carefully consider the costs of housing and caring for an animal. To address the crisis in Harris County, Day of the Dogs helps secure funds rescues can use to cover these costs.

When one day can mean the difference between safety and uncertainty, pre-funding provides rescues with the incentive to step in when it’s needed most. Because funds are secured in advance, rescues can rely on having a set dollar amount to go towards covering the costs of an animal’s care.


save rate for profiled animals


of donations used to support rescue efforts


collected and transferred to rescues


animals have received funding to date

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Transport to Safety

In addition to securing funds for rescue groups to cover costs of care, our transport program exists to move homeless dogs from Texas to rescue groups and no-kill shelters in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Funds raised through Day of the Dogs can secure a “lifesaving seat on the van” for a dog’s “freedom ride.”


Fund an Animal

As a donor to Day of the Dogs, your donation is guaranteed to support an animal at the Harris County Animal Shelter. While direct donations to a rescue group may be used to cover operations costs and other overall efforts, your Day of the Dogs dollars are directed to the point of need – the animal.

By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide rescue groups with the incentive to save at-risk cats and dogs who need your help.

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Costs of Care













Heartworm Treatment
Fecal Test
Mange Treatment
Dental Treatment
Flea/Tick Prevention
Heartworm Prevention
Heartworm Test

Total: $500-$2000

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